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Interview Tips


Timing is Key

  • Don’t be late

    • If you’re on time, you’re late

  • Don’t be too early

    • Appropriate arrival time is 10-15 minutes early


Dress to Impress

  • Don’t wear what you would wear when relaxing at home 

  • You can never overdress for an interview unless otherwise notified of the dress code:

    • Career interviews should always be business professional;

    • Entry-level jobs could allow you to dial back to business casual


Do Your Research

  • Know the name and proper pronunciation of the person you’re going to be meeting with

  • Know some basic information on the company itself


Always Be Prepared

  • Make sure you prepare 3-5 things you want the interviewer to know about you before you leave

  • Go over some practice questions before you actually have your interview to practice how you would respond

  • Bring an extra copy of your resume even though they might already have a copy

  • Think of some questions you might want to ask

    • Asking questions is a great way to show that you are eager to learn as well as you’re actually interested in the work the company does



  • Wording

    • Stay within a formal vocabulary​​

    • Do not curse

  • Avoid speaking about certain topics

    • Religious and political comments - negative or positive

    • Previous employers or coworkers, if it is negative, just saying you are looking for a better opportunity, is sufficient enough in these cases

    • Family - companies are required to have equal opportunity, but discussing family matters could also be a risk and could cause bias

    • You are not obliged to mention your path in recovery and history with addiction


Pay Attention to Your Body Language

  • Sit up straight and make sure to make eye contact when possible, non-verbals are key and can sometimes make you or break you

  • Avoid fidgeting (thumb twirling, feet moving, etc), this can be hard to avoid because focusing on it can be a distraction


Follow-Up Afterwards

  • An appropriate time frame is roughly a week after

    • Follow up with either a phone call or stop in and speak with the person who interviewed you face to face.

    • Always show gratitude for the opportunity

  • Don't be afraid to send a thank you note, either handwritten that is legible or email​

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