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"We Go Beyond to achieve excellence"

"Menasha is the industry’s largest independent, retail-focused packaging and merchandising solutions provider. Yet, what most impresses the world’s leading retailers and consumer packaged goods companies is our commitment to Go Beyond the expected. They receive the greatest measurable value, delivered on time and just in time, across the entire integrated merchandising supply chain.

We measure our success by your success. We're with you every step of the way, ready to make adjustments and provide solutions as conditions and requirements change. Because we know your goals, we are personally connected to you and your success, and we're able to offer solutions that work. It's infused into our culture, and we live it every day."

Consider Menasha as your next employer…


Founded in 1849, Menasha’s devoted employees have worked together to build one of the country’s oldest and most successful privately held family companies. Our people, products and services make a positive difference for our customers and in the communities where we live and work by respecting and protecting the environment. Our companies set new standards in what is possible in supply chain efficiency, productivity and sustainability and they employ the finest people … focused on solutions that lead to our customers’ success, inspired to fulfill our mission, and consistently driven to innovate. The Menasha culture provides opportunities for employees to personally learn and grow. We value the Health and Wellness of our employees and their families by offering comprehensive plans that include programs for the promotion of healthy lifestyles. Our workforce reflects Menasha’s longstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion. We truly believe our employees are the power behind possible and that our strength comes from the unique perspectives and experiences of every individual. We value diversity and work hard to be a welcoming and rewarding workplace for people of all backgrounds.

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1 This page is compiled from materials from Menasha and Menasha Foundation. Specific source materials can be located at and

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